How many can you find?

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Proverbidioms is the hidden object game with a difference, containing thousands of English sayings shown literally. Imagine a real case of “butterflies in the stomach”.

The aim is to find as many English sayings as you can. For example, imagine looking for “to butter someone up”, painted literally.


Discover hundreds of humorous, bizarre, and sometimes risqué interpretations of everyday sayings hidden within 5 famous paintings by T. E. Breitenbach. Imagine a real case of “break the ice”, “cut the rug”, “cat got your tongue”, and “burning the candle at both ends”.


Hundreds of thousands of people have already purchased Proverbidioms posters and jigsaws. Now for the first time, Proverbidioms the App offers a whole new interactive experience to give you hours of addictive, unsurpassed fun and learning!

Proverbidioms is now available on IOS & Android

Each picture can be scrolled, swiped, and zoomed, allowing players to explore the colorful artwork in stunning HD detail. Hundreds of dynamic sounds bring all five pictures to life coupled with parts of the paintings being animated to truly immerse the player into the world of Proverbidioms. Once players have successfully guessed an idiom, they are rewarded with the idiom’s definition, usage, and fascinating origins, not to mention a big laugh, which makes the app entertaining as well as educational.


Proverbidioms the App is a relaxing family friendly game that encourages players to sit back and enjoy incredible art at their own pace, while challenging their wits as they seek to identify over 1000 idioms.